Medical Cannabis for Pain
Finding a compassionate medical practitioner is difficult because not many doctors are comfortable or educated on the benefits of medical marijuana. Call Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed today for your consultation and receive your medical document within 48 hours.

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Migraine Therapy
Looking Normal on the Outside but Experiencing Pain on the Inside is a Common Weariness We all Face at some Point. Visit Us at the Health Boutique & Let Us Provide Compassionate Care that You Deserve & Get You Feeling like Yourself Again

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Select the Right Strain
Deciphering between which Sativa or Indica is best for you is difficult if you do not know the THC or CBD content, check out or Ask Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed how to best select for your pain mngt, anxiety mngt and insomnia.

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Sleep Wellness
It’s 3 AM, and despite Exercising regularly, Eating nutritiously & Avoiding caffeine...It's another Sleepless night. Insufficient sleep quality affects 1 out of 3 people. Learn the Health Boutique's method in developing a Sleep Routine for a Better You

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Register as a Patient
Registering as a medical marijuana patient can be stressful if you do not know Health Canada regulations. Let Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed guide and facilitate your easy access to medical marijuana today. Call 416.363.4112.

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Lip Enhancement
Natural Looking, Defined, Plump, Soft & Full Lips is Our Expertise at the Health Boutique. Call Now to Book Exceptional Offer on Dr. Ahmed's Signature LuxeLip®

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The Health Boutique Seminars
Modern Day Medicine is Good at Fixing Ill-Effects of Rough Living, but Unfortunately not as Helpful at Teaching How to Live Well. How do We Change & Improve taking Better Care of Ourselves? The Health Boutique Philosophy? “It all Starts with Education”

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My name is Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed, and I am a Canadian trained Medical Doctor & Specialist in Anesthesiology & Interventional Chronic Pain Medicine. As Founder of The Health BoutiqueTM, I am passionate about educating individuals in taking control of their own health & well-being. In this evolving age of busy lifestyles, it is important to develop self-awareness & most importantly create positive ideals and strategies about your health and lifestyle choices.

I firmly believe in Personalized, Holistic & Compassionate health-care solutions that achieve real-time results for my patients. The Health BoutiqueTM team is specialized in Medical Marijuana prescribing as per Health Canada's MMPR, Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain Management, Mindfulness Coaching, Sleep Disorder Counselling, Cosmetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Medicine.

Come Visit Today & Experience The Art & Science Behind a Better You